1. Cleanroom light definition

Cleanroom lights are devices that specialize in providing good visibility for cleanrooms. Cleanroom lights have to be able to conduct their business without introducing contamination into the environment.

2. Cleanroom light applications

Cleanroom lights are installed in dust-proof areas such as laboratories, pharmaceutical cleanroom, circuit assembly room, operating rooms, ...

3. Origin

There are many companies providing cleanroom lights in Vietnam. Most of the lights are supplied from China, while a few come from other countries like Taiwan, Germany, the US,...

The reason for this is that China is conveniently-located and is known as the "world's factory". Cleanroom lights from China always have a price advantage over similar products from Europe or America. If we compare 2 products with the same specifications, Chinese lights are 2-3 times cheaper than European or American lights.

4. Classification

Cleanroom lights are divided into 2 categories: Cleanroom light fixture and LED panel light

- Cleanroom light fixture has 2 types: Mounted light fixture and recessed light fixture Recessed cleanroom light fixture


Mounted light fixture










Mounted light fixture Recessed light fixture



- LED panel light has 2 types: Mounted LED panel light and recessed LED panel light

Unlike LED panel lights and light fixtures used in common areas (offices, manufacturing areas do not require cleanliness level), LED panel lights and cleanroom light fixtures are beveled evenly at 4 edges and corners to optimize dust-proof câpcity. This is a conspicuous factor that helps you distinguish it from common lights if you need to choose lights for the cleanroom area.

5. Cleanroom light price

In general, the price of led panel light will be more expensive than the light fixture with the same size.

For example, 300*1200mm led panel light will be more expensive than 300*1200mm light fixture.

The price of led panel light ranges from 400.000 VND (300*300 mm 12W) to several million VND (72W). The price of light fixture ranges from 650.000 VND to 2.000.000 VND (48W)

The buyer needs to consider carefully before choosing a light. Once making a wrong decision, it takes lots of money for the whole replacement.

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