A quick Google search of "Led panel light" will come up with more than 3 million results. The first rank belongs to Rang Dong - the old brand to Vietnamese customers. Next are domestic brands such as Duhal, Dien Quang and other foreign brands such as Philips, Silamp, etc.

All of led panel lights have the following features:

- Eye-catching and luxurious appearance with high aesthetics

- Slim and flat design, easy to carry

- Various sizes: 300x300, 300x600, 600x1200, 300x1200, ... (mm)

- High technical parameters, many complex indicators such as luminous flux, CRI, HSCS,...

- Multi-purpose, can be installed in households, offices, hotels, hospitals, factories, especially clean rooms ...

However, do these led panel lights actually meet strict standards of cleanroom, especially GMP cleanrooms in pharmaceutical factories?

1. Ordinary LED panel light

Ordinary led panel lights are used in areas that do not have special environmental requirements but only used in areas that require only aesthetics and lighting efficiency such as households, offices, hotels...

Obviously, led panel lights can perfectly meet the needs of the above common areas, because they are eye-catching and luxurious, with wide illumination... Especially, if you have a LED panel light mounted on the ceiling, it looks more wonderful, although the cost will be slightly higher.

These are the reasons why ordinary led panel lights have become more popular than light fixtures.

2. Cleanroom LED panel light

Unlike ordinary LED panel light, cleanroom LED panel light must meet special requirements to enhance dustproof capacity, such as powder coating, 4-angle beveled design,...

Here is VCR LED panel light with 4-angle beveled design:

Đèn led panel phòng sạch VCRĐèn led panel phòng sach












"Beveled design is one of the most recognizable differences of cleanroom LED panel lights compared to ordinary led panel lights."

Thanks to these features, specialized led panel lights can be part of a cleanroom, where all of the equipment must meet GMP regulations. Customers who are looking to buy led panel lights for clean areas such as production facilities, operating rooms,... always have to keep in mind these differences if they want to choose a suitable product. If you make the wrong choice, it will take lots of money and time to repair.

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