FFU is an air purification device, suitable for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, hospital cleanrooms. Purchasing fan filter unit (FFU) is a lot to think about. Here are the checkpoints before you make the decision.

1. Noise control

Many fan filter units (FFUs) are used contemporarily. When designing, the noise of FFU must meet the cleanroom standard. The noise in non-unidirectional airflow must not be louder than 60dB, while the noise in unidirectional airflow must not be greater than 65dB. Therefore, when choosing fan filter unit, you should choose the direct-drive rear radial blade fan, which can reduce the overall noise.

Quạt gió của FFU

2. Fan housing

When comes to fan housing choice, you should choose the material to avoid leakage, fan damage on delivery. The environment for FFU is another factor to consider. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy is preferred.

3. Ceiling grid

The filter of FFU is installed directly on the ceiling, so it's easy to replace the filter and keep the FFU in balance. Considering which one is the suitable ceiling grid is important. The ceiling grid cold rolled to a particular geometry (the U shape) is customers' favorites. The metal surface changes based on the environment and anti-corrosion treatment (electrostatic spraying, epoxy,...).

4. Control method

FFU normally has single-phase AC motors, three-phase AC motors and DC motors. FFU usually has motor power supply voltage such as 110V, 220V, 270V and 380V. There are 4 types of control methods:

  • Continuous speed adjustment control mode: Compared to multi-gear switch control, this control system has additional continuous speed function. It can adjust the fan speed continuously. But the power consumption is greater than the multi-speed switch control mode.
  • Multi-speed switch control mode: The FFU having this mode only includes a speed switch and a power switch. The advantages of this method are simple to use and cheap.
  • Computer control mode: This system has an advanced function: centralized monitoring and control. It can monitor a single FFU, multiple FFUs, and the area. Moreover, the system can be set communication interface for remote communication and management.
  • Remote control mote: This is a supplement to computer control mode.

These methods should be selected according to the actual situation.

5. FFU maintenance

After choosing the FFU air supply method, the FFU maintenance should be considered, because it is not just a single device, but hundreds of FFUs are installed on the ceiling. Besides HEPA filter replacement, the fan and the ceiling grid need to be maintained.