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Wellcome to Vietnam Cleanroom

1. Vietnam Cleanroom (also known as VCR) on is owned and operated by AT&T Technology and Trading Co., Ltd.

2. VCR products are SPECIALIZED cleanroom equipment with design and specifications that meet the requirements of cleanroom standards, have been used by many countries, and meet all GMP appraisals.

3. All information that VCR sends to customers is TRUE.

4. All commitments made by VCR will be IMPLEMENTED TO THE END, with all the utmost effort and responsibility.

5. Service principles of VCR:

* Honest - Enthusiastic - Fast

* For the greatest benefit of the customer

* Being a customer's friend

6. In all cases, VCR is always responsible till the end, lifetime support for each product, until the customer is satisfied and the project is successful.

7. VCR has a high sense of responsibility towards society and the community and commits to providing only technological, energy-saving, effective products that help improve and upgrade the production environment according to international standards, improving the quality of domestic products, thereby increasing the value of a life of Vietnamese people.