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Wellcome to Vietnam Cleanroom

Vietnam Cleanroom

Vietnam Cleanroom (VCR) specializes in providing cleanroom equipment for contractors. After more than 10 years of experience in supplying many GMP cleanroom projects, VCR brings the most SPECIAL cleanroom equipment meeting stringent technical standards.

Vietnam Cleanroom aspires to become the national brand in the cleanroom industry, so that every factory can use VCR products to build, renovate or upgrade their production environment.


VCR is a reliable supplier of cleanroom equipment with quality cleanroom equipment in the North and across the country for cleanroom projects in the fields of pharmaceutical, hospital, medical, laboratory, veterinary, electronics, food, beverage, cosmetic, packaging, etc.

For new customers who do not fully understand Cleanroom or are preparing to build a GMP production facility, please contact us for advice on suitable equipment/products - an important factor determining the GMP standard of the project.


+ Differential pressure gauge
+ Cleanroom lights
+ Cleanroom interlock (cleanroom airlock), Panel door lock
+ Pass box, dynamic pass box
+ FFU Fan Filter Unit
+ VHP pass box, dispensing booth, LAF (Laminar air flow)

+ Cleanroom steel door
+ Aluminum accessories, panel accessories
+ Cleanroom equipment: Air shower, AHU
+ Door Panel, Ceiling Panel, Wall Panel


VCR not only provides cleanroom equipment products to customers, we  bring other practical values that are:

1. Specialization

Vietnam cleanroom equipment is highly specialized with "design characteristics, structure, specifications" exclusive to cleanrooms, "ensure" compliance with current GMP standards.

Vietnam cleanroom equipment is easy to install and easy to use.

2. Durability

Long service life

Stable operation

Beautiful design to Save operation and maintenance costs

Increase work efficiency

3. Fast supply time, competitive price

Vietnam Cleanroom always tries to meet customers' needs in the fastest time, the most economical, and the most convenient for customers.

SPEED is a highlight in VCR's activities: receiving customers, transporting, and supporting all problems as soon as they arise.

4. Lifetime customer care

VCR supports customers for life consultation on product selection, user guidance, installation, and maintenance and thoroughly solves all problems arising during customer's use process

In order to provide clean room equipment meeting technical standards and a full set of certification documents according to GMP, VCR has constantly strived to become the exclusive distributor of other high-end brands in the clean room industry.