On June 22, 2022, Dispending booth product introduction video appeared on China Global Pharmaceutical Forum. This can be considered as good news for the Vietnamese Clean Room Equipment brand.


In an effort to promote the brand to customers around the world, the editorial team of the English version of the VCR Clean Room Equipment website and social networking sites has worked very hard. And it can be said that the website of the English version of VCR Clean Room Equipment is in the group of pages with rich content globally.

The information posted by China "Global Pharmaceutical" forum is a very important and proud milestone for VCR cleanroom equipment and for Vietnam's fledgling cleanroom industry. This is also an important milestone in promoting the VCR cleanroom equipment brand abroad.

The “Global Pharmaceuticals” Forum (全球药事) is the big forum in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. The forum appears on many platforms, the most prominent of which is the Weixin (Wechat) platform.


(Video link is posted on the forum "Global Pharmaceutical" on Wechat)


Original product introduction video at Vietnam Cleanroom youtube channel


If you want to see more information and clean room knowledge, please visit the homepage of VCR clean room equipment.


English Youtube Channel