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Clean Room Differential Pressure Gauge 0 – 500 Pa

Clean Room Differential Pressure Gauge 0 – 500 Pa

Differential Pressure Gauge 0-500pa is an indicator which can show the pressure difference between clean room and outside room


Differential Pressure Gauge is an indicator which can show the pressure difference between clean room and outside room or the HEPA filter and prefilter for insuring the clean room and filter quality.

It using frictionless magnetic components, can rapidly measure the micro-pressure air or non-corrosive gases, including positive, negative (vacuum) or differential. No wear, hysteresis and clearance. Not filling, vaporization and freezing. This design has anti-vibration, anti-shake and high overpressure capability, you can guarantee access to high precision. The design impact, shock and overload protection.

Guaranteed accurate within 2%, these pressure gauges measure positive, negative (vacuum), or differential air pressure in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Use the 2000 Series Macrosopic gauges to easily measure the pressure of:

- Filter monitoring

- Blower Vacuum Monitoring

- Fan Pressure Indication

- Duct, Room or Building Pressures

- Clean Room Positive Pressure Indication


Product description

Brand: Macroscopic

Model number: series 2000

Origin: China

Pressure range: 0 ~ 60Pa, 250Pa, 500Pa, 750Pa…

Housing: cast aluminum housing or ABS shell, glass beveled panels. Dark gray coating, can withstand 168 hours salt spray test

Inner diameter:100mm

Outer diameter: 120mm

Resistance pressure: 0~0.1MPa

Accuracy: ± (2%) of full scale

Temperature range: -7 ~ 60oC

Net weight: 560g



Widly used for measuring positive and negative pressure difference;

It is suitable for the measurement of positive and negative pressure difference in cleanroom workshop of pharmaceutical factory and electronics factory.

Suitable for monitoring positive and negative pressure difference of HVAC, clean bench, pass box, environmental protection dedusting equipment, and the detection of the pressure difference of the filter net of the air conditioning cabinet.

Standard package

- 1/8” male NPT plugs for duplicate pressure taps

- 1/8” male NPT pipe thread to rubber

- Tubing adapters

- Flush mounting adapters

- Screws



Warranty 1 exchange 1 within 1 year for products due to manufacturer errors

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