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Cleanroom Led Panel Light 600x600 mm
Cleanroom Led Panel Light 600x600 mm
Cleanroom Led Panel Light 600x600 mm

Cleanroom Led Panel Light 600x600 mm

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Features of the 600x600mm Cleanroom LED Panel Light

Product name Power
Cleanroom LED Panel 600x600mm 48W
  • Designed as an ultra-thin panel utilizing diffused lighting technology for harmonious, flicker-free illumination and energy savings.
  • High-quality lighting (CRI >= 80) enhances color recognition of illuminated objects. EMC/EMI electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Applies light-guiding technology on optical glass to transform LED point light sources into flat light sources, evenly distributing light on the panel's surface to reduce glare.
  • Environmentally friendly: Contains no mercury or harmful chemicals, emits no UV rays, safe for users.
  • Chamfered design on all four edges and corners for optimal dust resistance and easy cleaning as needed, meeting stringent GMP standards such as GMP WHO, PIC/S, EU.

Installation Method for the 600x600mm LED Panel Light

Surface-mounted on the ceiling, fixed with screws.

Advantages of the 600x600 LED Panel Light

  • Uniform light distribution, reduced glare, elegant design, and high aesthetics.
  • Utilizes modern LED phosphor technology, emits no UV radiation, and has no impact on human health.
  • Saves more than 53% of electrical energy.
  • Long lifespan: High reliability with a lifespan of 25,000 hours, without restrictions on switching frequency. This is 3-4 times higher than fluorescent lights.
  • Wide operating voltage range, EMC/EMI electromagnetic compatibility: The LED light has a wide voltage range (85V - 265V), and the light and power remain constant when the grid voltage changes. It is compatible with electromagnetic fields, causing no interference to electronic products and being unaffected by interference from other electronic devices.
  • High color rendering index (CRI >= 80): A high color rendering index ensures natural and accurate lighting, meeting Vietnamese lighting standards TCVN 7114: 2008.

Applications of the 600x600 LED Panel Light

This type of light is used for illumination in the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food, seafood, chemical, and surgical areas of hospitals.