Although aseptic conditions and sterile conditions sometimes are used interchangeably, they are far from being synonymous. In this article, VCR will address the difference between sterile conditions and aseptic conditions.

What it is in more practical terms is that someone will want aseptic conditions if they need to keep a tool, a room or any product free of contamination- not make it sterile, but just keep and uphold the product to a standard that won't duplicate bacteria or create more viruses. The aseptic processing technique will maintain a product safe, for example in food processing with a cold chain.

In the sterilized technique, every bacteria, harmful or helpful, is meant to be destroyed. This technique is used to reach an environment free of all living microorganisms, for example with the tools used for a surgical operation that cannot afford to have any kind of bacteria reaching an open wound and being a safety and health hazard.

The technique to reach aseptic conditions is more specific, rigorous, detailed, and thus complex. It requires knowing which viruses or bacteria are harmful to the product at hand, and how to remove them while keeping helpful microorganisms intact. Sterilizing can be done in many different ways that are more accessible since it has no need to preserve any living organisms, and is more "brutal". Because of its radical nature, sterilized conditions are often aimed at medical tools and not reproduced on a bigger scale. Aseptic processing conditions demand wider sets of hygienic rules whose goals are to limit the risks of infections in an environment that is impossible to sterilize entirely (for example, a hospital waiting room).

To sum it up with a metaphor, if sterile conditions look more like an attack, aseptic conditions are themselves a lot more like a barrier. Aseptic conditions can include sterilization, but the opposite is untrue. One is passive, the other aggressive, and in this difference lies the subtlety between the two terms.

Source: Pharma guideline

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