Question 1: Do the COVID-19 vaccines stop transmission?

Answer: There is a lot of evidence on how these vaccines are very effective at preventing severe disease and death from COVID-19. And that is the goal of the COVID-19 vaccination program, making sure that the population is protected from severe disease and death from COVID-19, making sure you are protected.

However, there is emerging evidence that the vaccines may have a pretty significant protective factor in preventing transmission. We know the vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing getting Covid at all, but they are nearly 100% effective at preventing getting very sick from Covid.

We are very certain that the vaccines are very good at preventing severe disease and it’s really good to see that more and more evidence is showing that they have a significant impact on preventing transmission. But we know, even if you are fully vaccinated, that doesn’t mean that you cannot catch Covid at all, it just means that you have a lower risk of being very sick from it. It appears to be that there is also a lower risk of transmitting the virus onwards, but we will keep reviewing the evidence internationally and domestically and any new information will be regularly updated on official social media.

Question 2: Is the virus likely to stop mutating?

Answer: All viruses mutate. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is no different. The virus will continue to mutate, and we really cannot make any predictions as to whether the rate will increase or decrease. What we do know is that the more virus there is, the more people it’s infecting, it’s reproducing more so the higher the chances are for it to mutate. So that’s why Covid vaccination is so important to ensure that the amount of circulating virus reduces, which then, in turn, lowers the likelihood of the virus mutating and lowers the likelihood of new strains emerging.

Question 3: What advice should I give someone who says “I’m going to wait to get my COVID-19 vaccine”?

Answer: Vaccines are voluntary, so there’s no obligation to get the vaccine. They are strongly encouraged because we know that they’re a really important tool in our fight against Covid, and they are very effective at protecting yourself and those around you. It’s important that we understand their beliefs and their concerns and their ideas, whether they are right or wrong, that might lead to someone not wanting to get the vaccine and respect what their views are. Then, after listening to their concerns, you might want to volunteer some of the facts or the good reasons you may have to get the vaccine, or you point them out to information from trusted sources and give you a good clear, concise answer on some of those questions that people are asking, so that might help with those conversations.

The key messages are that the vaccines are very good at preventing people from getting sick or even dying from COVID-19, so they’re a really important way to protect ourselves and the community from the pandemic. But ultimately, it’s the individual’s choice on whether they get the vaccine or not.


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