Cleanrooms are used in every industry where small particles can negatively impact the manufacturing process. It is widely used in industries such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and cosmetics, etc. Cleanrooms are classified based on the number of particles found in the air. In this article, VCR will provide information about a type of cleanroom - Class 100 000 cleanroom or ISO 8 clean room

1. What is class 100 000 cleanroom - iso class 8 clean room?

Class 100 000 cleanroom has a maximum particle count of 100 000 particles per cubic foot in air, corresponding to an ISO 8 cleanroom, which is at the low level of cleanroom standards.

HEPA filter coverage required is 5-15% of the area. Moreover, the cleanroom class 100 000 required 5-48 air changes per hour with an average airflow velocity of 0.005-0.041 m/s

Phòng sạch Class 100.000

2. Class 100 000 cleanroom standard - Iso 8 clean room standard

Cleanroom classifications range from ISO 1 to ISO 9, with ISO 9 being the “dirtiest” and ISO 1 being the “cleanest”. The maximum allowable concentration of particles per cubic foot or meter of air is used to assign these classifications. Contamination levels in ISO 8/Class 100,000 cleanrooms are measured by the concentration of particles in a cubic foot or meter of air. These levels are measured in microns and defined by the following standards:

  • ISO 14644-1 Standard for Maximum Number of Particles Permitted/m³ for ISO 8 Clean rooms

≥0,1 µm ≥0,2 µm ≥0,3 µm ≥0,5µm ≥1µm ≥5 µm - - - 3.520.000 832.000 29.300

  • US FED Standard 209E Maximum Number of Particles Permitted/ft³ for Class 100,000 Cleanrooms

≥0,1 µm ≥0,2 µm ≥0,3 µm ≥0,5µm ≥5 µm - 750.000


100.000 700

3. Particles features in ISO 8 clean room - class 100 000 cleanroom

ISO 8 clean rooms do not require the testing of specific particle sizes, because concentration levels are too high or too low to test, but it cannot be zero.

Particles smaller than 0.5 µm are not considered for ISO Class 8. The concentration of particles with a diameter of smaller than 0.5 µm should be less than 3,520,000.

4. Requirements for ISO 8 clean room protection

Besides clean room structure, there are other important factors to consider for usability and effective contaminant control. Incorporating air showers, pass box and other additional cleanroom accessories into the cleanroom design may be required to prevent contamination from entering the cleanrooms. Lighting, filtration, and temperature control are also critical.

In general, primary considerations for designing a Class 100,000 cleanroom include:

  • HEPA filtration requirements
  • Air pressure requirements
  • Humidity or temperature control requirements
  • Number of personnel working in the area
  • Static control requirements
  • Maximum contaminant levels
  • Sanitation requirements
  • Number and type of windows and doorways
  • Lighting and electrical needs

5. Class 100 000 cleanroom applications - ISO 8 cleanroom applications

ISO 8 clean rooms applications include:

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