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Clean Bench For Clean Room
Clean Bench For Clean Room
Clean Bench For Clean Room

Clean Bench For Clean Room

The clean bench is an air purifier that provides a dust-free and sterile working environment. It can control the discharge of polluted gas in the working area


What is a clean bench?

A clean bench is an air purifier that provides dust-free and sterile working space.

It can control the release of polluted air in the work area through special filter channel to avoid harm to humans and the environment.

A microbiological clean bench can also be widely used in biological laboratories, medical, biopharmaceuticals and other industries, and has a good effect in improving production and research conditions, protect workers' health, and improve product quality and productivity.

Clean bench details

It is a laminar airflow clean bench manufactured by advanced technology.

A clean bench adopts a flow-regulating fan system, and equipped with a moving sliding door

The light touch switch adjusts the voltage to ensure the air velocity of the working area.

Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment (VCR) specializes in providing cleanroom equipment for construction contractors. We provide high-quality products with competitive prices and large quantities nationwide. The equipment includes:

Differential pressure gauge, FFU Fan Filter Unit, Pass box, Clean room air filter, HEPA box, Clean booth, cleanroom steel door, Isolator cabinet, and other equipment

For details, please refer to Vietnam cleanroom equipment official website