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VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone
VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone
VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone

VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone

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The VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone is a communication device designed for use in cleanroom, complying with the regulations of cleanroom standard. This device ensures there are no openings, the surface is flat and does not accumulate dust, and its design features no protrusions on the installation surface, with concealed wiring within the wall.

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  • Operating Voltage: 24V-60VDC
  • Weight: 548g
  • Color: Milk White
  • Quality Certification: CCC FCC (manufacturer's quality certification)
  • Standard Light Voltage (Signal): Typically from 90-150V
  • Appropriate Environmental Humidity: 45-95%
  • Waterproof Rating: IP66
  • External Casing Dimensions (Outer Shell Size): 211×105.5×32.5 (mm)
  • Internal Dimensions: 195×89.5×32.5 (mm)
  • Hole Dimensions: 196*90 (mm)


YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone Features

There are three main security measurements for cleanroom phones. The first one is airtightness, the second pertains to ease of cleaning and disinfection of the cleanroom phone, and the third relates to the protrusion level of the cleanroom phone and its installation surface.

VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone Airtightness

VCR YA-P001 demonstrates excellent waterproof capabilities, ensuring clear voice communication and achieving high call quality. Air does not leak from one room to another, preventing cross-contamination between two areas.

Compared to other products, VCR YA-P001 offers superior protection in aseptic environments and high-level cleanroom settings.


Ease of Cleaning and Disinfection 

Thanks to the seamlessly sealed surface of VCR YA-P001, the phone does not accumulate dust, and there are no dead corners during cleaning. Users can use a disinfectant solution to disinfect and clean the device's surface. Additionally, the material's corrosion resistance allows users to use special solvents for cleaning and disinfection. Its high heat resistance enables VCR YA-P001 to withstand cleaning and disinfection at high temperatures.

Compared to other cleanroom phones on the market, VCR YA-P001 excels in its water resistance, dust-repelling properties, and heat resistance. This phone is highly suitable for high-level cleanrooms and aseptic environments.


VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone Protrusion

The design of the VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone is essentially flush with the installation surface, protruding only about 2-3mm, and it does not accumulate dust. It offers a high aesthetic appeal, neatness, and ease of use. It complies with cleanroom standards.

This is also a standout feature of VCR YA-P001 compared to other phones on the market. The minimal protrusion helps prevent dust accumulation on the surface and avoids any crevices where microorganisms could potentially accumulate.


Product Packaging Specifications

  • Phone
  • Connecting Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quality Certification


VCR YA-P001 Cleanroom Phone Functions

Điện thoại phòng sạch

  1. Indicator lights, vibrating, ringing, and message reminders.
  2. Quick dialing with number memory function.
  3. Three volume adjustment modes for the phone.
  4. HOLD button to maintain call waiting or with an indicator light for the line.
  5. SPEAKER button for turning on/off with an indicator light.
  6. Automatic shutdown function with a busy tone.


VCR YA-P001 Phone Applications

The cleanroom phone is utilized in various environments, including pharmaceutical cleanrooms, food production facilities, electronics manufacturing, factories, hospitals, operating rooms, and more.


CONTACT TO BUY at 090.123.9008 (call/viber/zalo 24/7)

Other Cleanroom phone are available at VCR.

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