Cleanroom is the new technology. Litlle knows about it. This article will indicate 5 interesting facts about cleanroom. Let's find out

1. There are no completely dust-free spaces on Earth

Dust is ubiquitous. No environments are completely dust-free, even cleanroom. Cleanroom is designed to keep the concentration of dust at a minimal level. Dust comes from a number of sources, in natural and man-made categories. They range from human hair, skin flakes to street dust and cosmic dust.

no completely dust-free spaces on Earth

2. There are different standardized classes of cleanrooms

Not all particles are the same. So are the cleanrooms. Different types of cleanrooms use for different purposes. Cleanroom is classified based on the number and size of particles per unit volume of air.

3. Human is the main threat to cleanroom

It has been found that an average person generates 500 000 – 1 000 000 particles per minute. Therefore, personnel movements should be limited in cleanrooms, and specific clothing is essential for preventing the entry of particles. Cleanroom clothing is usually made of abrasion-resistant synthetic fibers such as polyester. Moreover, cleanroom garments must be provided with an antistatic finish.

cleanroom clothing

4. The conditions in cleanrooms are kept as constant as possible

Besides air cleanliness, other parameters including pressure, temperature, and humidity are kept constant regardless of the weather outside to ensure that the conditions in the cleanroom are always the same. The air is exchanged through an air-handling unit and filtered by HEPA or ULPA filters system. People and material only enter the cleanroom through an airlock.

5. Special working materials are used in cleanrooms

Not only the clothing but also the working materials used in cleanrooms must meet special requirements. Cleanroom walls are constructed by sandwich panels with all joints sealed. In addition, the floor and the paint on the walls must also only emit the smallest number of particles.

Therefore, clean room floors are usually made of epoxy resin, which is seamless and cleanable. Furniture used in cleanrooms must have smooth surfaces and a design that prevents particle deposits.

Here are 5 fascinating facts about cleanroom. Hope you find it useful!

5 interesting facts about cleanroom