How to choose the right air filters for your clean room

 Air filters should be configured according to the respective requirements of the different properties of different occasions, which depends on the types of efficiency filters.

There are 4 main characteristic indicators for evaluating air filters: 1. Air filtration speed 2. Air filtration efficiency 3. Air filter resistance 4. Air filter dust holding capacity

Therefore, in the selection of pre-filter\ mid-efficiency filter\ high-efficiency filter, these 4 performance parameters should also be referred to for the filter selection.

1. Choose a filter with a large filtering area

The larger the filtering area of the air filter, the lower the filtering speed, and the smaller the resistance of the air filter. Under certain air filter structure conditions, the filter speed is the rated air volume of the air filter.

Under the same cross-sectional area, the larger the allowable rated air volume, the better, and the operation at lower than the rated air volume will increase the efficiency and reduce the resistance.

At the same time, increasing the filter area is the most effective way to extend the service life of the air filter.

Experience has shown that for filters with the same structure and the same filter material. When the final resistance is determined, the filter area is increased by 50%, and the service life of the air filter is extended by 70% to 80%. However, the structure and site conditions of the air filter should also be considered while increasing the filter area.

2. Reasonably determine the efficiency of air filters at all levels

When designing air conditioning, first determine the efficiency of the last-stage air filter according to actual requirements, and then select a pre-filter that plays a protective role.

It is necessary to properly match the efficiency of air filters at all levels, and be good at using and configuring the optimal filter particle size range of the primary and medium-efficiency filters.

The selection of the pre-filter should be determined by comprehensive consideration of factors such as the use environment, spare parts costs, operating energy consumption, and maintenance costs.

Air filters of different efficiency levels have the lowest counting efficiency of dust particles of different sizes. It usually refers to the efficiency of a new air filter without static electricity.

At the same time, the configuration of the comfort air-conditioning filter should be different from that of the clean air-conditioning system, and different requirements should be put forward for the installation of the air filter and leakage prevention.

3. Consider the resistance of the air filter (air filter pressure drop)

The resistance of the air filter is mainly composed of the resistance of the filter material and the structural resistance of the air filter. The dust accumulation resistance of the air filter increases. When the resistance increases to a certain value, the air filter is scrapped. The final resistance (or final pressure drop) is directly related to the service life of the air filter, the range of system air volume changes, and the system energy consumption.

Low-efficiency air filters often use coarse fiber filter media with a diameter greater than 10/.,tm. The gaps between the fibers are large. Excessive resistance may blow away the dust on the air filter and cause secondary pollution. The resistance no longer increases, and the filtration efficiency is zero. Therefore, the final resistance value of the filter below G4 must be strictly limited.

4. Consider dust holding capacity of the air filter

The dust holding capacity of the air filter is an index directly related to the service life. In the process of air filter dust accumulation, the low-efficiency air filter is more likely to show the characteristics of efficiency first increase and then decrease.

Most air filters used in general comfort central air conditioning systems are disposable, and they cannot be cleaned at all or are not worth cleaning from an economic point of view.

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