Pass box overview

Pass box is a piece of important equipment for clean rooms. It's normally installed on the wall, between cleanrooms of different levels, cleanrooms and non-cleanrooms.

Pass box is used to transfer the particular materials between two areas, which reduces the number of door openings and reduce particle emission inside the cleanrooms.

How to choose the right pass box for electronic cleanroom?

1. Environment

Before purchasing the pass box, customers need to clarify which environment they use the pass box, whether there is a need for sterilization, which size is suitable, is it a dynamic passbox or static passbox?

2. Pass box material

Choosing the material is also necessary. Stainless steel should be used in order to extend the life span of pass box. Stainless steel has a smooth surface, which is easy to clean and maintain.

If the requirement of cleanliness is not so high, the cold-rolled steel sheets are an affordable choice.

In order to save cost, some manufacturers choose stainless steel for internal parts and cold-rolled steel sheets for external parts. This not only maintains a good purification function but also saves costs.

3. Accessories

The dynamic pass box and the air shower pass box can be changed the filter efficiency level.

When considering buying pass box, the customers should notice whether pass box needs UV light or not, whether the electronic or mechanical interlocking pass box is suitable.

4. Transferred items

The size of transferred items is one of the necessary factors to choose the pass box for the cleanroom. The size of pass box could be customized according to customer's needs. However, it takes a long time. If you do not have any special demand, the standard pass box with the size of 500x500x500, 600x600x600, 700x700x700 is suitable and available.

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