Pass Box Applications In Different Industries

Pass boxes are used to transfer a particular item between two areas that have different cleanliness levels. To be exact, pass boxes transfer the items from a cleanroom with a high cleanliness level to a cleanroom with a lower cleanliness level or vice-versa. Its main function is to prevent air from flowing from one area to another. Pass boxes are applied to various industries such as micro-engineering, biology lab, pharmaceutical, hospital, food processing, LCD, electronics.

Transferring Items Into Passbox In Cleanroom Process

1. Use 0.5% peroxyacetic acid or 5% iodophor to clean items that need to be transferred.

2 Open the outer door, quickly place the item into the pass box, sterilize the door with 0.5% peracetic acid solution, and close the outer door of the pass box.

3. Turn on the UV light in the pass box and show the items to be taken for no less than 15 minutes.

4. Tell the person at the other side to open the inner door and take out the items.

5. Close the inner door, and finish.

The above steps are applied to both static pass box and dynamic pass box.