pass box functions and characteristics for clean room

Pass box is the auxiliary equipment for the cleanroom. It is used to transfer materials between cleanrooms and between cleanroom and non-cleanroom.

It acts as an airlock to prevent dust and particles from entering the cleanroom. The air shower pass box can spray the surface of the transferred items to prevent them from dust accumulation

1. The functions of passbox for cleanroom 

+ It is a piece of equipment to pass through items in the cleanroom to reduce the number of door openings   

+ It is mainly used for the transfer of small materials in different levels of cleanrooms or the transfer of small items between clean and non-clean areas 

+ It prevents the airborne pollutants from entering cleanroom when transferring materials, which reduces the cleanroom contamination to a minimal level

2. Pass box characteristics and classification in cleanroom  

+ According to the purpose, the pass box is divided into two types: static pass box and dynamic (self-clean) pass box  

+ According to the door interlock mode, it is divided into mechanical interlocking pass box and electronic interlocking pass box 

+ The shell is divided into three types: powder-coated steel plate, thin steel plate, and stainless steel pass box according to the material;   

+ Special designs are produced according to customers' requirements.


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