Pass box plays an important role in cleanrooms. Many customers purchase pass box for their cleanroom but don't know how to install pass box. In this article, VCR will provide you the pass box installation guideline. Let's find out!

1. Precondition before pass box installation

Before installation, we need to grasp the details of the pass box so that the installation process does not occur unwanted problems. Two details that we need to know about pass box are pass box type and pass box size.

Pass box type

We need to know what kind of pass box we use for our cleanroom. If passbox is used between two cleanrooms with similar cleanliness levels, static pass box is better. If passbox is used between two cleanrooms of different cleanliness levels, then choose dynamic passbox (Dynamic). In general, dynamic pass box is popular one in cleanrooms.

Pass box size

We choose the internal size for the device based on which items are passed through pass box. When we have the internal size, the manufacturer will decide the external size. External size is an important thing that we need to know when installing a pass box. Therefore, during the design process, please contact the supplier for the specific size of the pass box.


We need to prepare tools, glue, and maybe mounting bars for the pass box. The glue is used to seal the holes and the mounting bar ensures a clean design in the cleanroom, reducing square corners that enable dust to accumulate.

2. Cleanroom pass box installation process

Step 1: Drilling hole in the wall

Once we determined the location of the pass box, the next step is to draw the frame to drill a square hole in the panel wall. Make sure that the size of the hole is not 10mm larger than the external size of the pass box.

pass box trong phòng sạch

Use the prepared tools to drill the holes based on the drawn frame and clean the hole.

Step 2: Determining the opening door direction

We should design the opening door direction of the pass box. Some special clean rooms will need a special door opening style. If you choose VCR pass box, you can choose up to 4 types of door openings.

You should determine the opening direction of the pass box as oriented in the design. The door opening direction will affect the process of pass box operation, so we need to optimize it. Please discuss the designer if the design of the clean room is not covered this issue.

Step 3: Putting the pass box in place

After determining the door opening direction, we put the Pass Box into the drilled hole carefully. Lifting devices can be used to complete this step.

Step 4: Finishing installation

In the next step, we will glue around the pass box to fix its position, as well as seal the hole that has been drilled.

3. Cleaning the pass box after pass box installation

After the installation is complete, we need to clean the pass box with alcohol. Test the door interlock feature. Then turn on the UV light for a period of time to kill bacteria and your pass box can be used properly.

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