Health has become the top concern of Vietnamese customers. With demand for treatments increasing, pharmaceutical companies in Viet Nam are committed to driving critical innovation to deliver therapies for patients with unmet medical needs. In this article, let's find out the top leading and reliable pharmaceutical companies in Viet Nam.

Top 10 reliable pharma companies in Viet Nam in 2020

Top 10 pharma companies in Viet Nam

Top 10 reliable pharma companies

1. DHG Pharma

DHG Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is currently one of the leading manufacturing factories operating in the field of pharmaceuticals in Vietnam. The company specializes in manufacturing and trading pharmaceuticals, functional foods, and cosmetic products.

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2. Traphaco

During nearly 50 years of operation, Traphaco has received high marks and prestigious awards such as Top 10 most reliable companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam, Top 10 Excellent Vietnamese Brand Products” for Boganic, Traphaco - Top 50 enterprises with the most attractive brand in Vietnam.


3. Pymepharco

From the first 16 products, now PYMEPHARCO has supplied the market with more than 350 products, which have outstanding quality. From 2003 up to now, on average, the company has researched and put into production nearly 30 new products each year, contributing to diversifying the product portfolio to meet the needs of disease treatment and health care. Products of Pymepharco pharmaceutical company are also exported to regional markets such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, and Europe (Germany).

4. ImexPharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Established in 1977 with the precursor as Grade II Pharmaceutical Company. Experiencing many years of development, Imexpharm has now become one of the 10 most reliable pharmaceutical manufacturers in our country.


5. DOMESCO Medical Import-Export Joint Stock Company

DOMESCO Medical Import-Export Joint Stock Company was born in 1989. DOMESCO is a large enterprise specializing in research, production, marketing, and import-export business of drugs, functional foods, herbal drinks, raw materials, materials for making medicines for humans, biological products for humans, animals, plants, chemicals for testing, and vaccines.


6. Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical and Equipment Joint Stock Company

Over 40 years of carrying out the mission of accompanying health care for the community, Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical - Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (Bidiphar) is constantly growing and growing, affirming its position in the industrial market. Pharmaceutical Vietnam. However, in order to develop more firmly in the digital age of 4.0, Bidiphar has made comprehensive innovations to create a force for sustainable development.


7. Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Currently, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has a history of operation for 50 years and has received countless prestigious items in production and business activities.

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8. OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, formerly known as TW 26 Pharmaceutical Enterprise, was established on October 24, 1977. Currently, OPC Pharmaceutical Factory is one of the leading pharmaceutical enterprises in Vietnam. This is one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in the production and sales of pharmaceuticals derived from medicinal herbs in the direction of inheritance and promotion of traditional medicine.

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9. SAVI Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

SaVi Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (SaVipharm) was established in August 2005. SaVipharm is one of the leading enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam, meeting high standards such as GMP Japan, GMP EU, GMP PIC/S.


Savipharm is also evaluated by the international consulting company Pacific Bridge Medical, Maryland, USA as one of the two Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies that meet the top quality standards in the country.

10. Pharmmedical Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

PHARMEDIC Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, formerly known as PHARIMEX Medical Direct Import Export Company, was established in 1981. Currently, the company has nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting pharmaceuticals and substances and vitamins, disinfectants and antiseptics, antibiotics, drugs for external use.

Top 10 reliable pharmaceutical suppliers in Viet Nam in 2020

  • Vimedimex Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • TW 2 Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation – JSC
  • Hanoi Medical Equipment Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Codupha Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • B.Braun Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • ECO. Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Da Nang Pharmaceutical - Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company
  • CPC 1 Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Ben Tre Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

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Top 5 oriental medicine companies in Viet Nam in 2020

  • Traphaco Joint Stock Company
  • OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Nam Ha Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited.

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List of pharmaceutical factories that meet GMP EU standards

EU GMP standard is a strict and difficult standard for pharmaceutical factories. There are not many pharmaceutical factories in Vietnam that can achieve this certification. Here are some businesses that have achieved this certification.

Nhà máy Pymepharco đạt tiêu chuẩn EU GMP

  • Stellapharm Joint Venture Co., Ltd
  • Pymepharco. Joint Stock Company
  • Medochemie (Far East) Co., Ltd.
  • Tenamyd Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Sanofi Vietnam Joint Stock Company