1. What is 2-door interlock system?

2-door interlock is a device that controls the opening and closing of 2 doors simultaneously.

2-door interlock is used in cleanroom to minimize cross-contamination and to maintain the differential pressure.

2. Interlock structure

A set of 2-door interlock system includes a control box, 2 electromagnetic locks and lock sheets, LED panels, cables and a power cord.

A control box:

  • made of stainless steel
  • input for LED panel and electromagnetic lock

Electromagnetic lock:

  • made of stainless steel
  • there is a jack to connect to the control box

LED panels:

On the LED panel, there is a button for emergency

Cables and a power cord

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3. 2-door interlock specification

Voltage 220V LED input voltage 5V Electromagnetic input voltage 12V

4. 2-door interlock working principle

In brief, when a door is open, the other door will be forced to close.

When you open door 1, the LED panel turns green, which means you are able to enter. Meanwhile, door 2 is automatically locked and the LED panel is red. When the door operated from open to closed condition, both doors lock for a few seconds delay time. At that time, the doors can not be accessed. When the LED panels of both doors turn green, you are allowed to open door 2.

If you let the door open over 5 seconds (the waiting time is different on different interlocks), the alarm will set off, indicating that you need to shut the door.

In case of emergency, press the EMERGENCY button on the LED panel to unlock the door and go out.

5. Interlock application

2-door interlock systems are used in a variety of applications.

It can be installed on the door to control the entry of personnel to an area like cleanroom where airborne particles are the threat.

The interlock is used as a safety feature of a pass box (transfer hatch). Pass box is a device to transfer materials and items in and out of cleanroom. Pass box is equipped with an interlock system to ensure two doors cannot open at the same time.

Besides, door interlock is applied in household areas such as hotels,...

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