Consistency is essential when conducting any type of research.

Temperature, cleanliness, airflow, and humidity levels must all be remained consistent throughout clean room. Each of these elements, when combined, will ensure a clean environment free of contaminants for your manufacturing and research process.

While there are several elements that can assist in keeping your cleanroom sterile and contaminant-free, we recommend 3 elements maintaining the consistency of a cleanroom

1. HEPA filter vacuums

HEPA-filter vacuums are not only highly effective at capturing debris, but also safe to use around electrical components. These vacuums are essential for:

  • Eliminating over 99% of dust and particles.
  • Collecting and containing any kind of dust.
  • Easily deep cleaning any angle of cleanroom equipment.

2. Low particulate wipes

Your cleanrooms need to be thoroughly cleaned daily. Flat surfaces, as well as large pieces of equipment, should be sterilized. Using low particulate wipes can quickly and effectively keep these surfaces clean. These wipes:

  • Feature lower levels of lint to protect against fine debris.
  • Boast higher levels of absorbency
  • Are resistant to chemicals while being non-abrasive.
  • Provide better cleaning capabilities.

3. Positive-pressure air supply

The purpose of a positive-pressure cleanroom is to protect the environment inside the room.

Positive pressure is created by using self-powered fan filter units that force HEPA-filtered air into the room. These units prevent particles from entering around leaks around doors, walls, or ceilings by creating an internal air pressure that is greater than the ambient pressure.


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