This article will indicate 3 main factors deciding the price of cleanroom projects

As the application field of cleanroom becomes more and more extensive, many non-professional contractors have appeared in cleanroom industry, disrupting the market with price.

The use of non-standard materials to deceive consumers with shoddy products also directly affects many upstream (purification equipment manufacturers/material suppliers) to continue to use lower-priced raw materials, resulting in worse product quality, simplified construction processes, and professional quality. Low quality and more and more disputes over acceptance and settlement bring many uncertainties to the production of the enterprise, and over time, the integrity of the entire cleanroom industry also declines.

Why are the quotations for cleanroom projects different?

1. Cleanroom equipment

Status (1): Blindly recommending expensive products/equipment without considering the actual needs of the manufacturer, for example domestic brands of high-efficiency filters can also be used, but foreign brands are recommended;
Status (2): Use some non-standard materials to deceive consumers with sub-optimization, and blindly pursue low prices, which directly leads to upstream equipment and material suppliers in the purification industry, making the quality worse and worse.

Suggestion: Equipment and materials are important factors affecting the cost of cleanroom projects. The brand of equipment and materials in the market is dazzling.

When the project is outsourced, the main material brand can be specified, and the brand with a high market reputation should be selected as much as possible, and the use of unknown brands and copycat materials will be avoided. The degree of difficulty in maintaining and using the purification workshop. For example, try to use big brands for core equipment and control equipment. If such equipment is running for a long time, the failure will lead to production stoppage, which will have a greater impact; galvanized pipes for pipelines can be used, but there is no need to use stainless steel pipes; the difference between 0.426 and 0.476 of color steel plates is How much, what are the differences between sensory and structural use, etc., the selection is made under the premise of a comprehensive evaluation to ensure quality.

2. Design scheme

Status (1): There is no professional design team, focusing on technical parameters and ignoring factors such as production process and environmental applicability, resulting in more and more disputes over acceptance and settlement, bringing a lot of uncertainty to the later use/production of the enterprise factor.

In order to avoid blind investment or repeated construction, enterprises must take into account the production process of their own products and the needs of upstream customers, as well as the construction period, service life, local government regulations, construction costs, use costs, and other comprehensive considerations.

First, to meet the production cleanliness requirements;
Second, to meet energy conservation and environmental protection;
Third, to consider a reasonable investment cost budget, and finally consider other ancillary requirements.

In order to avoid repeated changes in the later period, the preliminary plan must be refined and comprehensive. How to design a more cost-effective design scheme, such as a 100,000-level cleanroom can be satisfied, do not do a 10,000-level; 2mm and 3mm self-leveling floor, thicker than thin, is the extra cost? What are the problems with securing use or saving this cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using refrigeration stations for air-conditioning equipment or zoning arrangements; air-cooled or water-cooled air-conditioning systems, which are more suitable for the use of existing workshops, and so on.

3. Construction quality of the contractors

Status (1): casual guerrillas, low-quality construction team, unstable project quality, simplified construction process, etc.
Status (2): There is no construction team, the project is contracted out by multiple parties, and the construction works independently.

It is recommended that enterprises choose regular purification engineering companies, reputable dust-free workshop system service providers, and purification companies with a certain reputation, and avoid choosing non-purification industry engineering companies and small companies like self-employed or unqualified small teams, which will damage their own rights and interests, causing trouble later.

3 main factors deciding the price of cleanroom projects