Scientists, researchers, and other workers are potentially exposed to dangerous substances in the pharmaceutical industry. It's absolutely critical to keep the pollutants out of the cleanrooms they work to prevent contamination of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research processes. In this article, VCR will recommend some key equipment for the pharmaceutical clean room.

1. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters

In cleanroom, HEPA filters control the airflow, remove particles from cleanroom. They filter the particles of 0.3µm or larger. HEPA filter should be used 24/7 to keep the air as clean as possible, which ensures the air supply is clean and fresh for the pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Image: HEPA filter

2. Airlocks / Interlocking system

The air pressure inside a pharmaceutical cleanroom needs to be higher than the atmospheric pressure. Interlocking system (airlock) helps control the unwanted elements entering from one area to another.

Image: Door interlocking system for clean room

3. Temperature and humidity control system

It is important for temperature and humidity to remain consistent in the work environment when working with pharmaceutical medications. Temperature control enables consistent conditions in the cleanroom. Keeping the humidity levels from rising can prevent condensation as well as eliminate static electricity.

Image: Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Image: Temperature and humidity sensor

4. Cleanroom Clothing

Testing new or unknown pharmaceutical elements can involve potential exposure to hazardous materials. Special cleanroom clothing such as safety glasses, protective coveralls, vinyl gloves, and other elements should be readily available to protect those working within the cleanroom.


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