fan filter unit noise level

Fan-filter units (FFUs) are used increasingly by the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, food manufacturing industries to deliver filtered air to environments requiring high degrees of cleanliness. From an acoustic standpoint, several important design considerations are implied with the use of FFUs in cleanrooms. In this article, VCR will show you 4 ways to reduce the noise of fan filter unit.

Noise level in cleanroom

According to TCVN 8864-4:2011, the noise level in a cleanroom is between 55 dB and 65 dB. The noise control is carried out based on ISO 3746 standards. It is important to ensure that a cleanroom will meet the specified noise and vibration criteria. The critical step to do that is to reduce the noise of fan filter units.

Where does the noise of FFU come from?

  • Noise from operating FFU motor
  • Noise from fan blades spinning
  • Noise from the vibration of FFU casing

4 ways to reduce the noise of fan filter units

Noise control can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Select a fan filter unit with acceptable noise and vibration characteristics
  • Install exhaust silencers
  • Reduce the operating speed of the fan
  • Reduce clean class


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