In this article, VCR will provide you the user manual of clean room interlock system to help you know how to use it correctly.

I. What is clean room interlock system?

Clean room interlock system is a piece of equipment used for access control of 2 or more than 2 doors at the same time in order to prevent cross-contamination between clean rooms of different cleanliness levels or between cleanrooms and non-cleanrooms.

II. Clean room interlock components

A set of clean room interlock system includes:

1. A stainless steel/plastic control box

2. Stainless steel electric locks + lock sheets

3. LED panels with emergency button

4. Signal cables + Power cord

2 door interlocking system

III. Description of clean room interlock system operation modes

1. Only one door can be opened for two doors in the clean room

2. On initial boot, there is a beep. It also beeps if there is a door opened

3. When the interlocking system is ready to use, the green light on the panel is on. While one door is open, the other door is locked.

4. The red light on the LED panel is on indicating that you cannot open the door

The green light on the LED panel is on indicating that you can open the door

5. When the door is open too long, the buzzer will alarm

6. If you forget to close the door after opening, after a period of time, other doors will unlock

7. In case of an emergency, you can unlock all locks by pressing the emergency button on the LED panel to go out.


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