Pass boxes play an essential role in the maintenance of cleanroom. Pass boxes must be validated to ensure their performance during operation.

Pass box is a piece of equipment used to transfer material between cleanrooms of different cleanliness levels. They are very necessary because they prevent airflow from one area to another clean area while transferring material.

There are two types of pass boxes: dynamic pass box and static pass box.

Clean room pass box validation method

Clean room pass box validation is a quality assurance and quality management process that requires documented report of the consistency of a system. It qualifies if the pass boxes are ready for work or not.

  • Pass box validation is an unavoidable process. It may be carried out by exposing the pass boxes to a population of bacteria to determine whether bacteria can enter and contaminate the pass box.

This procedure should be done at various stages of product production. In any case, validation of pass boxes in cleanroom is a critical process.

Above is just a method to validate the pass box.

  • Another method of pass box validation is exposing the agar plates in the pass boxes during use.
  • You can develop any other suitable pass box validation methods.

Why do we need clean room pass box validation?

  • Pass box validation ensures the dust-free material transfer from lower cleanliness area to higher cleanliness area in accordance with cleanroom regulations
  • Thanks to pass box validation process, we have a thorough understanding of this equipment
  • It eliminates the risk of regulatory non-compliance

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