In terms of cleanroom cleaning solutions, choosing the right products is crucial for your environment. Different types of cleanrooms require different cleaning solutions. This article will recommend some common cleaning products for your cleanroom.

1. What is cleanroom cleaner?

The cleanroom cleaner is used during the initial cleaning process to physically remove dirt and particles from surfaces. The cleaning process is the first step followed by a thorough disinfecting or sterilization process.

2. What is cleanroom disinfectant?

A disinfectant is a chemical that can kill germs and microorganisms. The disinfection process can occur on 3 levels. High-level disinfectants destroy all microorganisms apart from bacterial spores, while low and intermediate-level may not be used for killing some bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

3. Requirements for cleanroom cleaners and disinfectants

Cleaners (detergents) should be neutral, non-ionic, and non-foaming. Make sure that your cleaners properties won’t inhibit your disinfectant properties.

Chemicals should effectively destroy multiple types of bacteria rapidly. Be aware the disinfectant should not damage any materials in cleanroom, and should be safe to use.

4. Common cleaning products for cleanroom

Here are some common cleaning products for cleanroom:

  • Cleanroom-Grade Isopropyl Alcohol
    This is a fairly obvious choice. Isopropyl alcohol is used to disinfect thermometers and the like for most of our lives. A version of this solution is an aerosol mist that you can use to sterilize hard-to-wipe surfaces like gloves and grates effectively.
  • Cleanroom-Grade Sporicide
    A cleanroom-grade sterile sporicide is a good choice if your cleanroom requires a sterile chemical to kill spores. However, you can also find non-sterile cleanroom-grade sporicides, make sure you know what you need.
  • Cleanroom-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
    Hydrogen peroxide is great because it evaporates into water and oxygen, leaving no residue behind. Its toxic levels are very low, and it’s non-flammable, so it’s a safe option.
  • Phenolics
    Phenol is generally used in a hospital disinfection setting. The antimicrobial properties of these compounds and other phenol derivatives have been increasingly improved over the years. They are absorbed by porous materials.
  • Cleanroom-Grade Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach
    Like alcohol and peroxide, bleach is a household product, but this cleanroom version packs a little extra punch. This powerful cleaner comes in sterile and non-sterile versions, so make sure you know what you’re getting.
  • Cleanroom-Grade Water
    You read that right – there’s such a thing as sterile water! This can be used for general wipe-downs or rinses or to dilute other solutions.


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