Fan filter unit is a piece of equipment suitable for semiconductors, electronics, biological cleanrooms that have stringent requirements on air cleanliness. It has unique advantages and reasonable price. To install FFU (Fan Filter Unit), the following rules should be complied with:

1. Thoroughly cleaned

Before installing HEPA filter, cleanroom must be thoroughly cleaned. If there are particles inside the system, it should be cleaned. If HEPA filter is installed on suspended ceiling, the ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped.

2. Airtight

Cleanroom must be airtight during installation. FFU has been installed and started to run, and must be brought for a trial run in more than 12 hours continuously. After cleanroom being cleaned, the HEPA filter is installed.

3. Dust-free

Keep the cleanroom free of particles.

4. Clean clothes

The install workers must be equipped with clean clothes and gloves to prevent man-made pollution from FFU box and filter.

5. Clean environment

In order to extend the long-term and effective work of the HEPA filter, the installation environment should not be oily, dusty, and humid. Try to avoid water or other corrosive liquids.

6. Maximum installing workers

It is recommended that the number of installing workers in each group is 6 people.

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