Dispensing downflow booth installation

Dispensing downflow booth is the purifying equipment used in pharmaceutical cleanrooms or laboratories. Installing dispensing booth requires technical knowledge. In this article, VCR - Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment will provide you with dispensing downflow booth installation guidelines. Let's find out!

The dispensing downflow booth is huge and takes up a relatively large space. It is very difficult to transport such a large device, so we can only transport the device in parts and then install it in the production environment.

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Dispensing booth has a smart control system, and electrical circuits, so there are many things to pay attention to during the installation process. If possible, we should ask a professional installation staff to guide the installation and operation.

Dispensing downflow booth installation precautions

Here are some basic installation precautions:

  • Dispensing downflow booth is installed indoors, not installed outdoors;
  • The floor and wall structure should be designed to support the weight of the equipment and the installation location should be flat;
  • Do not install the dispensing downflow booth on an uneven or inclined surface, otherwise, it will cause deformation and other damage;
  • Do not install the booth in a damp area and keep away from high temperature, humidity, dust, etc.;
  • Do not use the lid of the dispensing booth in flammable environment;
  • Dispensing booth can be used continuously up to 24 hours, but avoid continuous use at the highest operating mode;
  • It is forbidden to clean the machine with water to avoid affecting the electrical parts. Alcohol and specialized cleaners can be used to clean the measuring cap regularly;
  • When the device shows signs of abnormality, it is necessary to turn off the power in time and contact a professional technician to handle it.

dispensing downflow booth

Dispensing downflow booth installation procedure

1. Back panel installation
The back panel of the dispensing booth is the main part, on which the electrical cabinets, fans, return air plate, etc are installed. The back of the booth must be fixed in a suitable position.

2. Installation of the left and right side panels
The side plate and back plate are connected by bolts. The side plate on each side is composed of 2 plates. After connecting the left and right side panels with the backplate, do not remove the cable tie.

3. Top box installation
Put the top box on the side plate and back plate, and fix the top box and side plate to the back plate with bolts. After the fixing is finished, remove the cable ties on the side plate.

4. Fan for dispensing booth installation
The fan is installed on the square tube above the back plate. It needs to be fixed with damping gasket and extension bolt during installation. Connect the hoses at the back to the air outlets so that air can circulate when the fan is running.

5. Installation of sealing plates
There are three sealing plates on the back panel, on which will be installed respectively the wind speed sensor, differential pressure gauge, DOP test port, control panel, and other devices. It is necessary to install them according to the specific instructions of the manufacturer.

6. HEPA filter and the vent plate installation
HEPA filter of the dispensing booth is installed on the top box. When installing, please pay attention to the airflow direction. When installing the grille, you need to install the aluminum strips before fixing it.

7. Pre-filter and fine filter installation
The RLAF pre-filter and fine filter are installed in the return air inlet and the return air of the dispensing booth is at the bottom. When installing the filter, remember to install the test port and install the return air hole.

8. Curtain installation
Some weighing booths will have an air curtain design, which will blow air down in front of the door to form a curtain to prevent the air inside from spilling out.

If the dispensing booth has a PVC curtain design, we must fix the curtain on the outside of the upper box and fix it with bolts.

9. Inspection and operation
After installing dispensing booth, we need to run a test to check whether it is working properly.

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Image: Dispensing booth installation procedure


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