HEPA filter housing box is an ideal terminal filter device for cleanroom class 1000, class 10 000 and class 100 000, which can be used in air conditioning system of pharmaceutical, electronics industries.

HEPA filter terminal box includes static pressure box, diffuser plate, filter and the interface with the air pipe can be top connected or side connected.

Here are some characteristics of HEPA filter terminal box:

  • HEPA filter box is used in cleanrooms with various cleanliness levels
  • The material is stainless steel, aluminum plate, carbon steel and plastic
  • It is used for turbulent airflow supply ceiling for cleanrooms
  • The diffuser has various forms, beautiful, smooth and uniform in style
  • There are side air intake and top air intake
  • The flange mouth has two structures: Square and round
  • The advantage of HEPA box is strong versatility, simple construction and low investment


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