The cleanroom must be disinfected to ensure its absolute dust-free environment. Using ultraviolet disinfection is one of the most effective ways to keep cleanroom particle-free. How long does it take to turn on/off UV lamp in a clean room? In this article, VCR will provide a detailed answer for everyone.

The frequency of UV sterilization in a clean room depends on your own application. Generally, the time of direct exposure is at least 20 minutes if the indoor space is relatively large and dirty.

The time of direct exposure is generally:

  • after the initial application for cleaning
  • after the work is completed
  • before manufacturing
  • when the cleanroom may not meet the cleanliness level requirement

There is no legal regulation on the time of exposure to UVC. Generally, the time of direct exposure before and after manufacturing is different depending on the actual effect of sterilization.

It takes about 30 minutes to sterilize a powder tablet machine and 2-3 hours for capsules. Moreover, it is opened once in the case of manufacturing gaps in 30 minutes for cleanrooms class C and class D

According to national standards, the UV compressive strength can be achieved and maintained for a certain period of time. Generally, it is disinfected and sterilized by purple light in half an hour.

In class D cleanroom, UV lamp is open for 20-30 minutes each time. The actual application time must be certified by the actual UV lamp disinfection effect to clarify the specific time. In addition, with the increase in the use time and frequency of the led tube, the actual effect of UV disinfection and sterilization will be weaker.

Be sure to turn on the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the production workshop for more than 30 minutes before applying it in the clean room. After the operation of the cleanroom, the aseptic environment should be cleared immediately, and then irradiated and sterilized with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp for 20 minutes. UV lamps are used in many manufacturing industries such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and biotechnology. According to the cleanliness requirements of the manufacturing industries, the frequency of UV sterilization is very different.


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