We all know that the construction cost of a cleanroom is high. How much is a class 100,000 cleanroom? Before calculating the price, let's first understand what aspects will directly affect the cost of a class 100,000 cleanroom.

There are 3 main factors affecting the cost of a class 100,000 cleanroom, including the size of the cleanroom, equipment, and industry

1. The size of the cleanroom

The size of the construction of the cleanroom class 100,000 is the main key factor in determining the project cost.

The construction cost of a large square meter of the area is undoubtedly high. If the square meter is small, the project cost will undoubtedly be relatively low.

2. Materials and cleanroom equipment used

When the dimension of the cleanroom is determined, the materials and cleanroom equipment used will also affect the price. Due to different brands, the materials and special equipment produced by different manufacturers will have different prices. Overall, this has a great impact on the total price of the project

3. Different industries

Different industries will affect the quotation of cleanrooms, such as food daily chemicals, precision electronics, medicine, medical equipment, etc. The prices of different products are different. For example, most cosmetics workshops do not need purification systems. Therefore, the cost will be lower.

According to the above content, we can understand that it is difficult to know the specific price of a class 100,000 cleanroom. It will be affected by many key factors, but if it is estimated, a relatively general price can be obtained.

This general price is probably between 5.000.000 and 15.000.000 VND per square meter.

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How much does class 100000 cleanroom cost

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