Since door is an important part of cleanroom, choosing the right door locks for clean room panel door 50mm is not easy as we've expected. Here are some things VCR believe you should consider before choosing the door lock for cleanroom door

Clean room panel door and door locks features:

The main feature of the panel door is that the door has an aluminum frame. The width of the frame is usually about 5mm

Therefore, panel door locks usually have a backset of 70-80mm to avoid overlapping on the aluminum frame, avoid gaps and protrusions, easy to clean. This feature helps to meet GMP requirements for pharmaceutical factories. This makes door locks for panel doors different from household door locks.

Another feature of clean room panel door locks used for manufacturing industries that require high level of cleanliness, such as pharmaceuticals, pood, microelectronics ... is the smooth surface which is dust-free, and has no edges for bacteria to grow.










Image: Panel door lock G06 by VCR supplied for pharmaceutical cleanroom



Image 2: G06 panel door lock backset of 70 mm

Some contractors use the household door locks to install on cleanroom panel door due to low price. However, most of household door locks have a backset of below 60mm, which leads to the lock overlapping door frame. This makes the door look unattractive and the door cannot ensure the sealing performance.

Image 3: Door lock with backset of below 60mm overlapping the door frame


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