FFU can be said to be an indispensable air purifier for clean rooms that require a high level of cleanliness. Usually FFU will be used a lot, as a system in a clean room. Hence it consumes a fairly large amount of energy. So how to reduce that amount of energy? Let's find out with VCR Clean Room Equipment right here.

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1) Filter selection of FFU
The area where the air flows through the filter media is called the "high efficiency filter area". With the exception of a few low-efficiency filters, the effective filtration area is usually several or several dozen times the upwind of the filter.

Choosing HEPA Filter is a way to save energy
Most of the dust retained will be concentrated on the windward surface of the filter material. The high efficiency filter area in the filter is large, then more dust can be contained and the filter life is longer.

Along with that, the large effective area reduces the initial drag and then the FFU will consume less energy but still achieve good performance.

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2) Use DC motor FFU
The DC motor has fast response, large starting torque and can provide rated torque efficiency from zero speed to rated speed. Compared with AC motor, the energy consumption is only about 30% of that at the same output power. Brushless DC motor is a kind of synchronous motor, that is, the speed of the motor rotor is affected by the speed of the motor stator rotating magnetic field and the number of rotor poles (P) Impact: N = 120 f/P. In the case of a fixed number of rotor poles, changing the frequency of the stator rotating magnetic field can change the rotor speed.

Brushless DC motor is a synchronous motor with electronic control (driver) to control the frequency of the rotating magnetic field of the stator and feedback the speed of the motor rotor to the control center for loop correction. again, in order to achieve close proximity to the characteristics of DC motors. That is, a DC brushless motor can still drive the motor rotor to maintain a certain speed to achieve a constant flow and air speed when the load changes within the rated load range.

From the above, we can see that the use of DC motor FFU still provides guaranteed working performance that can save energy.

3) FFU group control
The focus group FFU control method should be applied to the FFU group system. For easy realization of centralized monitoring, fault alarm display and FFU operation control. This system can easily realize single, multiple and partition control of FFU .

The important thing here is that the intelligent control system has energy saving functions, and the FFU's normal operation, low speed test and shutdown functions are set according to working hours.

Using the control system will help save energy for FFU
The control system reserves a communication interface, which can communicate with the host computer or the Internet to perform remote management and communication functions.

Thus, if using this control system, it can help manufacturing plants use FFU in the most scientific way, thereby reducing the energy for FFU greatly.

Every business wants to optimize input costs in the smallest way and still bring high efficiency. Therefore, saving energy for the systems in the factory will be a big part of helping to achieve that goal. When taking into account the long-term effect, the initial investment will not affect too much. And above are 3 ways to help you reduce energy consumption for FFU, hope it will be useful for your system.