How to use laminar air flow system correctly

Laminar air flow is a kind of purifying equipment in cleanrooms. Using laminar air flow correctly is neccessary for not only efficient performance but also maximum safety. In this article, Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment will guide you how to use laminar air flow system correctly. Let's find out!

Do these for correct use of laminar airflow

1. Wash your hands before using

Personnel are the main source of contamination. Handling a sterile object by hand is the most typical way to introduce contamination. Because the fingers contain lots of bacterial components, proper hand washing is indispensable. Washing hand should be done not just before but also after working at the laminar airflow workbench.

2. Arrange objects in the same direction of the airflow

You should arrange the objects in the laminar air flow workbench that is directly bathed with the air from the filter.

3. Avoid spraying cleaning solutions onto the HEPA filter.

It is forbidden for staff to spray cleaning solution on the HEPA filter to avoid contamination of the air flow.

4. Disinfect your items before putting these into the laminar air flow

Only sterile items should be used inside the working area. To avoid possible contamination of the clean bench, make sure that all of your products have been disinfected.

5. Clean

Staff should clean before and after using laminar air flow. Cleaning after use not only prevents the particle contamination but also improves the longevity of the equipment’s technology.

laminar air flow system

Don't do these for correct use of laminar airflow

1. Don't put any waste in laminar air flow

Airflow is turbulenced by waste, which can introduce pollutants to the clean bench.

2. Don't bring unnecessary items into the working area.

When at all feasible, non-essential items should not be brought into the work area. The amount of traffic entering a clean area should be kept to a minimum.

3. Don't use items that haven't been sterilized

Non-sterile materials introduce contamination to the laminar air flow work bench, contradicting the function of a laminar flow cabinet, which is to prevent your products from any contaminants.

4. Large objects should not be placed near the back of the cabinet to avoid disrupting the air's laminar flow pattern and contaminating everything downstream.


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