The Kawaoka A2 interlock is a new type of interlock that VCR offers. Let's find out what is special compared to the interlock systems that VCR are providing on the market.

I. What is an interlock? What is the Kawaoka Series A2 interlock?

An interlock is a device that controls the opening and closing of the doors at the same time to minimize the possibility of contamination of the cleanroom.

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Kawaoka Series A2 interlock is a smart interlock system with advanced technology, it can adjust time delay to open or close door, alert the user by sound, and signal.

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II. Structure of the Kawaoka A2 cleanroom door interlock system

Kawaoka A2 interlock system is composed of 3 main parts: Control box, electric locks, and led panels.

Its accessories include the power cord, the lock pin to the control box, the lock pin to the display light, the 2 display light connector, and the screws.

Control box:

  • The control box is made of aluminum
  • The center of the box is the active control button
  • On the right is the power outlet
  • On the left are the jacks connected to the lock and led panel

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  • Kawaoka A2 interlock lock pin is made of stainless steel, below there will be a jack to connect to the control box
  • Lock sheets are also made of stainless steel and hard plastic.

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Led panels:

  • 4 led panels with 2-door interlock
  • 6 led panels with 3-door interlock.


From the top to the bottom of the light is displayed:

1: Closing time and opening time

2: You can open the door

3: Door is closed

4: Button for emergency. When using this button, the doors will have their interlock disabled and we can open any door

III. Kawaoka 2-door interlock working principle

When we open door 1, the display light of door 1 will be green, meaning it can go and the display light of door 2 will be red, the door 2 is forcibly closed, cannot open.

The open state of the door will be for a certain amount of time (about 6 seconds and adjustable) after a while, the lock will warn to close the door. Then we have to wait for 6 seconds before opening door 2. Until the lights of both doors turn green, we can start opening door 2 to enter the cleanroom. When the 2nd door is opened, the 2nd door's light will be green, while the light of the 1st door will be red, meaning that it is not allowed to open.

IV. Types of Kawaoka A2 cleanroom door interlock

According to the number of doors, Kawaoka A2 interlocks are divided into 3 types:

  • 2-door interlock
  • 3-door interlock
  • 4-door interlock

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According to the types of lock pins, Kawaoka A2 interlocks are divided into 2 types:

  • Interlock with rounded lock pins

Interlock with rounded lock pins

  • Interlock with rectangular lock pins

V. Applications of Kawaoka door interlock

The interlock system is an indispensable factor in every cleanroom. It is used to control the entry of personnel to cleanroom, where dust or particles may be a problem.

Kawaoka door interlock is applied to cleanrooms of industries including research, aerospace, bioengineering, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, etc.

Kawaoka door interlock

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