How many types of pass box accessories are? What are they? How are they used? And what to pay attention to when using or replacing them. If you are wondering about these, let's find out through this article of VCR - Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment.

Pass box accessories

Static pass box accessories: Mechanical/electronic interlock system, rubber edge trim, wires and socket, door handle, UV lamp/lamp, hinge

Dynamic pass box accessories: Besides the accessories above, dynamic pass box also includes pre-filter, HEPA filter, differential pressure gauge, motor blower, DOP/PAO test port

Pass box accessories details

1. Passbox interlock system

Interlock is a system that ensures that 2 doors do not open at the same time, reducing the risk of cross-contamination in the cleanroom.

The mechanical interlock system is composed of an internal interlock and a sturdy external handle, while the electronic interlock system uses a built-in electronic circuit. When one of the doors is open, the indicator light on the other door doesn't light, the other door won't open. When the doors are closed, the electronic lock starts to function, and the indicator light is on indicating that the door can be opened.

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Electronic interlock system

2. Door handle

Door handle is installed when the pass box is equipped with electronic intelock system. The mechanical interlocking system pass box does not need the handle because the mechanical interlock is the door handle itself.

3. UV lamp

Germicidal and antibacterial UV light can be installed into pass boxes for enhanced protection. The short-wave ultraviolet radiation destroys DNA pathogens.

4. Hinge

Stainless steel hinge is dust free and easy to clean

5. Rubber edge trim

Rubber edge trim door seals make the pass box easy to clean

6. Pre-filter

Pre-filter is dynamic pass box accessories. These filters remove larger particles from the air before it reaches more comprehensive HEPA filters, extending the lifespan of the more expensive filters.

7. HEPA filter

HEPA filter: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the most commonly used filter, with the capability to filter particles of 0.3µm or larger. It is the main factor providing the filtered and fresh air in cleanroom.

8. Differential pressure gauge

It is used in passbox to check the differential pressure across HEPA filter, which helps to know about HEPA replacement after 25 mm of WC pressure drop

9. DOP/PAO test port

Provision of DOP/PAO Test Port in dynamic pass box is available for HEPA Filter leak test and particle count.

Pass box accessories for requirements

1. Interlock system

When using the interlock system, make sure the two doors are not open at the same time. The transfer opens the door (the door of the receiver must be closed), puts the item in the pass box, close the door, then the receiver opens the door (the door on the transfer side must close), and pick up the item.

2. UV lamp

  • Close both doors before turning the UV lamp on
  • Prevent hand contact with the lamp
  • U V lamp lifespan is 4000 hours. Make sure the lamp replaced periodically following the guideline

3. Pre-filter

It should be checked, cleaned, and replaced every one to six months. Doing so can enhance the lifespan of your HEPA filters

4. HEPA filter

You should always change your filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Or, if you’re unsure about the directions for your particular filter, you should change it at least once every six months.

5. Differential pressure gauge

The differential pressure gauge mainly used for dynamic pass box are 0-250 pa gauge and 0-500 pa gauge

So we have introduced all kinds of pass box accessories and their precautions. Hopefully, this article solves the problem you have with the above accessories. If you are looking for accessories to replace for your pass box, please contact VCR - Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment via hotline 090 123 7008.

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