Overview of pass box in hospital cleanroom

The function of pass box in hospital clean room is the same as that of pass box in other clean rooms. It is reducing the number of door openings and reducing the cross-contamination in cleanroom. The interlocking system of pass box helps reduce the direct contact inside and outside cleanroom.

According to building principles, pass box in hospital cleanroom must be equipped with UV light socket. This is used to sterilize the transferred medical objects, which is different from pass box in other cleanrooms.

Pass box in hospital cleanroom is required to be made of stainless steel (high resistance, smooth surface, and resistance to sanitizers, disinfectants). Selecting the material extends the life span of pass box, reduces the difficulty in cleaning and improve design aesthetics.

Pass box in hospital clean room maintenance

Maintenance for pass box in hospital clean room is important. Pass box should be maintained regularly. Here is the following pass box maintenance process:

1. Afterwork, the worker cleans the internal surface of pass box and turn on the UV light for about 30 minutes.

2. The transferred objects must be separated from the personnel entrance.

3. When the objects are brought into cleanroom, the worker opens the package and put the objects in the temporary preservation area, then bring them into the main preservation area.

4. Check the operation conditions of the main parts like controller, screen, UV light, interlocking doors.

5. Dynamic pass box in cleanroom needs to be recorded the filter replacement time. Check the pressure difference ( differential pressure gauge is preferred) of filters regularly.

6. The life span of pass box needs to be checked.

7. If pass box works abnormally and the button is incorrect, it needs to be repaired immediately

pass box for clean room