Pass box is mainly used for the transfer of materials between cleanrooms of different levels, between cleanroom and non-cleanroom. Each type of cleanroom has different requirements for pass box. VCR will provide you pass box requirements in cosmetics cleanroom.

1. Why we need cleanrooms for the production of cosmetics?

In the cosmetics industry, the products are applied to human skin to cleanse, protect, and change people's appearance, thereby making people healthier, younger, and more beautiful.

Dust and contaminants may contaminate the production airspace, possibly causing skin irritation, allergic reactions, and disease. To ensure product quality, cosmetics producers need cleanrooms to carry out production, research, and development activities.

Pass box is an auxiliary device for cleanroom, which reduces cross-contamination. Therefore, using pass box in cosmetics cleanroom is necessary.

2. Pass box requirements in cosmetics cleanroom

  • Control: Fan start/stop button, electronic door interlock, UV light.
  • Cleanliness requirements in pass box: Class B
  • The round corner design of internal chamber is easy to clean
  • Filter: the pre-filter is G4 and high-efficiency filter is H14
  • Pressure difference function: display filter pressure difference
  • Laminar flow design is adopted
  • H14 is easy to dismantle and install separately from the upper box body, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement
  • An inspection port is designed at the bottom of dynamic pass box for fan maintenance
  • Noise: Pass box should produce low noise
  • Air diffuser plate: Stainless steel SUS304 mesh plate
  • Air velocity: After passing through HEPA filter, the outlet air velocity is controlled at 0.38-0.57m/s

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