pass box for negative pressure clean room

Negative pressure room is a common method of infection control and is used for airborne disease treatment like COVID-19, SARS, etc. Negative pressure room requires a level of cleanliness strictly. Pass box is ideal equipment that protects negative pressure rooms from contamination. So what are the requirements for pass box used in negative pressure isolation rooms?

According to " Technical Guidelines for Negative Pressure Rooms Construction", an observation window and pass box should be installed between negative pressure rooms, negative pressure isolation room and the corridor.

Fixed sashes should be used for the observation window.

The double-door interlocking pass box with UV light is suitable for negative pressure room

The double-door interlocking system of passbox reduces the direct contact inside and outside the room and the number of door openings, which keeps the negative isolation room clean.

The UV light equipped inside the pass box helps remove dust and pathogens on the surface of material during the material transfer. The UV light radiation can killl the bacteria. This is the difference between passbox in negative pressure room and pass box in other areas.

Pass box requirements of negative pressure isolation rooms are special, due to the use environment. The negative pressure isolation rooms are used to isolate patients with infectious diseases from other patients, healthcare staff. Because the air and particles from these patients are dangerous, they need to be treated specially. The air in the patient's room need to be filtered before it is pumped outside.

Moreover, the items touched by patients need to be recycled or discarded after sterilization and disinfection. In this process, we need to use the pass box. Pass box reduces the number of door openings and personnel contact. Therefore, pass box plays an improtant role in negative pressure room.

Pass box for negative pressure room made of stainless steel is easy to clean and bears the maximum chemical resistance. Stainless steel pass box enhances durability for long service life.

Especially, pass box in negative pressure room should be equipped with UV radiation light to sterilize the transferred items.

Moreover, some details could be improved for better service. For example, the round corner design makes the internal chamber of pass box easy to clean.


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