SOP for operation of pass box in clean room

The standard operating procedure of pass box in cleanroom clarifies the operation content and standards, which can allow users to better use the pass box and ensure the safety of the cleanroom from contamination.

Pass box is the auxiliary equipment of the cleanroom. It is mainly used for the transfer of items between the cleanrooms of different levels or between the clean area and the non-clean area to reduce the number of door openings in the cleanroom and reduce the pollution to a minimum level.

1. Purpose

Use the pass box safely and effectively to ensure the sterilization effect of the items.

2. Scope of application

It is applicable to various pass boxes, including air shower pass box, laminar flow pass box, mechanical interlock pass box, electronic interlock pass box.

3. Responsibility

The production workshop is responsible for complying with this procedure and is responsible for the normal operation and maintenance of the pass box.

The quality inspection department is responsible for the quality test of the cleanroom pass box.

All maintenance activities that occur in the pass box must be recorded and archived.

4. Operation method

When transferring items with the pass box, you must first wipe all the outer surfaces of the items to be transferred with a disinfectant (the cloth should not be wrung too dry when wiping), open the outer door of the transfer window, and spray disinfectant into the pass box.

Put items in, close the door and turn on the ultraviolet light for disinfection. After disinfection, turn off the ultraviolet light, let the people in the barrier environment open it from the other side, take out the items or medicine, and close the door.

When items are transmitted from the clean area, first open the inner door of the delivery window, put the items to be delivered into the delivery window, and close the door. Outsiders opened the outer door, took out the objects, sprayed disinfectant into the delivery window, and closed the door.

Spend just a minute watching about transferring items into pass box procedure:


5. Precautions

  • Clean it with a cloth soaked in disinfectant once a day before use, and wipe it dry with a clean dry cloth after each use.
  • Explosive items cannot be put into the transfer window.
  • The doors on both sides of the pass window cannot be opened at the same time.
  • Materials must be sterilized by ultraviolet light for at least 30 minutes in the pass box.


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