Static electricity is harmful to production process. VCR - Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment will provide some tips to prevent static electricity.

1. Use static electricity prevention equipment

  • Use wrist straps under any circumstances to prevent the accumulation of static electricity
  • Keep the table mats clean and ensure
  • Use an ionizer to neutralize the static electricity generated
  • Hang eye-catching anti-static signs on site.

2. Use an electrostatic shielding container for storage and transportation of electrostatic-sensitive components

3. Periodically check the antistatic system

  • Periodically check whether the ground resistance of the wrist strap is qualified
  • Periodically check whether the volume resistance of conductive shoes is qualified;
  • Periodically check whether the antistatic performance of table mats and conductive bags are qualified

4. Other issues

  • Avoid placing any substances that are prone to produce static electricity with plastic products or tools
  • Connect all tools and machines to the ground
  • Comply with static electricity protection regulations and electrical safety regulations
  • Employees and guests who have not taken anti-static measures are prohibited from entering static-sensitive area


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