When it comes to air purifying equipment in clean rooms, fan filter unit and laminar air flow is widely used. What the differences between fan filter unit (FFU) and laminar air flow (LAF)? Let's find out!

Fan filter unit (FFU) and laminar air flow (LAF) definition

Fan filter unit (FFU) definition

Fan filter unit (FFU) is an self-powered air cleaning device, used to provide clean air to cleanroom.

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fan filter unit

Laminar air flow (LAF) definition

Laminar air flow (LAF) is a device creating the laminar air patterns in clean room.

The differences between fan filter unit (FFU) and laminar air flow (LAF)

We know that both devices provide the clean, filtered air into cleanroom, but what about the differences?

  • LAF - Laminar Air Flow has more complex structure than FFU - Fan Filter Unit. Laminar Air Flow is equipped with the air diffuser, which improves the uniformity of the air output, protects the filter and improve aesthetic design.
  • The position of air exhaust of both devices is different: Fan Filter Unit sucks air from the ceiling system while Laminar Air Flow sucks air from the room.
  • The applications of Fan Filter Unit are wider than the applications of Laminar Air Flow
  • Due to HEPA filter position, it is easier to replace filter at LAF - Laminar Air Flow than at FFU - Fan Filter Unit.
  • FFU is usually located on the ceiling system, and LAF is usually used inside cleanroom equipment like clean bench, laminar flow hood,...
  • Although fan filter unit (FFU) and laminar air flow (LAF) differ in structure and installation position, they have the same working principle.

Fan filter unit (FFU) and laminar air flow (LAF) applications

Fan filter unit (FFU) applications

Fan filter unit can provide high quality clean air to clean rooms and micro-environments of different sizes and different levels of cleanliness. In new cleanrooms, the cleanliness level can be improved thanks to FFU. This equipment has designed to reduce noise and vibration. Its cost can also be greatly reduced, installation and maintenance are convenient, and it is an ideal device for a healthy environment.

FFU is used in most manufacturing industries that require clean rooms and it is used in a large space. FFU is used on the ceiling of clean room to filter the air and create a clean environment for the room.

Laminar air flow (LAF) applications

LAF - Laminar Air Flow is currently widely used in precision machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food industires and some other applications. Laminar Air Flow Unit is normally used in low level cleanrooms, then it provides high purity air in local areas (such as equipment, weighing LAF, dispensing booth .v.)

Laminar Flow Unit

LAF - Laminar Air Flow is suitable for renovation projects, and the overall requirements are not too high, projects that meet the requirements in certain small local spaces in a clean room. Laminar Air Flow can be used as a single unit or in group on a large area, mainly composed of cabinets, fans, pre-filters, damping layers, lights,... and the casing is sprayed with plastic.

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