Static electricity is made by friction, which causes a lot of trouble and even harms in production and daily life.

  • In a printing factory, the rubbing between the paper sheets will make them stick. This causes problems with printing.
  • The static electricity on cotton yarn, wool, and man-made fibers in the printing and dyeing factory will attract dust in the air, which leads to a decrease in the quality of printing and dyeing.
  • In pharmaceutical production, due to the electrostatic attraction of dust, the drugs will not reach the standard purity.
  • In electronic computer assembly, the electrification of human body may impede the nornal operation of the computer
  • The accumulation of static charge to a certain extent will produce spark discharge. If a person rubs his shoes on the carpet, than stretch out his hands to pull the metal handle, a spark will emit between the hand and the handle.
  • Static electricity has a considerable influence on modern high-precision and high-sensitivity electronic equipment. People with a lot of static electricity can even cause those sensitive, fragile, small and exquisite electronic devices to be broken down by spark discharge and destroy an electronic instrument.
  • The biggest hazard of static electricity is that electric sparks ignite certain flammable substances and cause explosions. For trucks specially used to carry liquid fuels such as gasoline or diesel fuel, during filling and transportation, if the electricity generated by the friction or collision between the fuel and the oil tank is not conducted away in time, it will generate electric sparks and cause an explosion if accumulated to a certain extent.

The basic way to prevent electrostatic hazards is to conduct away the static electricity and to avoid accumulating.

The specific measures are varied. The tank truck relies on a chain dragged on the ground to conduct static electricity away. Aircraft wheels are usually equipped with ground wires, and conductive rubber is also used to make wheel tires. They can introduce static electricity from the fuselage into the ground during landing. The stainless steel wire conductive fiber of 0.05 to 0.07 mm is mixed in the carpet to eliminate static electricity. Keep proper humidity in the printing and dyeing factory. The humid air can make the static charge disappear quickly.

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