What is an air shower pass box and how it works? If you are wondering about it then this article is for you.

1. What is air shower pass box?

Air shower pass box is a type of dynamic pass box. This is an integrated device between an air shower and a pass box to transfer objects between clean rooms and non-clean rooms.

Air shower pass box provides a clean and dust-free working zone for many industries in facilities with different cleanliness requirements. These industries include pharmaceutical, semiconductor, industrial, bio-logical, hospital, etc.

2. Air shower pass box structure

Cấu tạo của Pass Box Air Shower

1. HEPA filter

2. Nozzel

3. Interlock door

4. Rubber edge

5. Handle

6. Tempered glass

7. Joints

8. Pre-filter

9. Blower unit

3. Air shower pass box features

Air shower pass box is constructed of chamber, blower unit, pre-filter and HEPA filter, control display and cold-rolled steel sheets with powder coated finish

1. The inner working area of air shower pass box is made of stainless steel, the surface of the body is made of cold spray coating (multi-layer bleaching technology, dust-free electrostatic spraying technology).

2. Electronic interlock system keeps both pass box doors from being opened at the same time, thus maintaining cleanroom integrity.

3. Air shower pass box is equipped with a non-baffled HEPA filter and airtight EVA sealing strip.

4. Air shower pass box is constructed of UV lamp or ozone sterilizer (especially suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry, ozone disinfection principle: ozone is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, can kill bacteria germs, viruses, and fungi, etc. Ozone disinfects in the water 3000 times faster than chlorine)

5. Air shower pass box can be integrated with interphone for communication and differential pressure gauge to test filtration efficiency

4. Air shower pass box standard specifications


External size


Internal size




Hepa filter



Air velocity (m3/h)

Fan speed

Nozzle number

Filtration efficiency


940 × 600 × 1450


600 × 600 × 600


>570 × 290 × 17


610 × 610 × 120


380V / 50Hz / 750











1090 × 750 × 1500


750 × 750 × 750


745 × 290 × 17


610 × 610 × 120


380V / 50Hz / 750












1140 × 800 × 1550


800 × 800 × 800


795 × 290 × 17


610 × 610 × 120


380V / 50Hz / 750










5. Air shower pass box working principle

Air shower pass box is designed according to cabinets to mode to make the wind clean through high-efficiency filter Then it is sprayed with stainless steel nozzle with wind speed above 20m / s.

Transfer process: Open one door (the other door closes), place the materials in pass box, then close the door, the air nozzles automatically blow. After “showering”, open the other door to take out the materials.

Blowing process: When pass box starts blowing process, both doors are closed simultaneously, after a delay of 1 to 2 seconds, the fan starts to blow the cargo. Blowing takes about 10 seconds (shower time can be set). After blowing is complete, the fan stops and the door can be opened to pick up the materials.

6. Optional accessories and materials

1. All parts should be made of 304 stainless steel

2. UV sterilizer

3. Interphone

4. Electronic interlock

5. Differential pressure gauge


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