1. What is BFU?

BFU or blower filter unit is a type of air-cleaning device in cleanroom, which is mainly composed of box, fan, primary air filter, damping layer, lamps, etc.

BFU can be mounted or placed on the ground. It has compact structure and is easy to use.

It can be used as a single unit or connected together to form a belt-shaped clean area.

2. Blower filter unit characteristics

  • The purification level of BFU is class 100.
  • The BFU has a simple structure and is very convenient for maintenance.
  • Blower filter unit can save space and solve the problem of narrow maintenance space at the top of the cleanroom ceiling.
  • The box body of BFU is made of high-quality aluminum plate, which has many advantages such as lightweight and strong corrosion resistance.
  • Blower filter unit is designed with a special flow channel and current sharing system, which has low noise and uniform air velocity.
  • BFU uses a high-efficiency centrifugal fan, which has the advantages of long service life, low noise, maintenance-free, and low vibration.
  • The specifications of BFU:

Air velocity is 0.3m/s to 0.5m/s

Noise is less than or equal to 60dB

Power supply is 220V, 50Hz.


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