1. What is pass box?

Pass box is a kind of facilities, which is located on partition walls of clean room. Its function shall be a buffer area for transferring goods between inside and outside of cleanroom.

It can prevent any disturbance of airflow and air pressure in clean room, which can be caused by the door opening for goods transferring. Moreover, it can reduce the time from operators moving in and out, to prevent any dust coming from the out regions.

Pass box for clean room is equipped with UV lamp which is used for bacteria control. Pass box is provided with two interlocked doors, when one door is open the other door cannot be opened, in this way it prevents direct contact between the connected areas.

pass box uv light

2. How many types of pass box for clean room?

Dynamic pass box for clean room Image: Dynamic Pass Box Static Pass Box Image: Static Pass Box

  • According to the door interlock mode, it is divided into mechanical interlocking pass box and electronic interlocking pass box
  • The shell is divided into three types: powder-coated steel plate, thin steel plate, and stainless steel pass box according to the material;
  • Special designs are produced according to customers' requirements.

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