When you have a cleanroom, you need to keep it well lit and free of contamination. That's where cleanroom lights come in, since they produce the fewest possible contaminants when it comes to lighting. But some cleanroom classifications require so many air system filter panels that there is little room left for lights. If you're not sure which light fixture would even fit in your cleanroom, take a look at your options.

Surface Mount Lights
If your cleanroom facility is classified as ISO 3 or ISO 4, the best choice is likely surface mount lighting. This is because the air filters that are necessary to keep contaminants to a minimum likely take up most of the space in the ceiling plane, so there may only be enough room for surface mount lights.

Surface Mount Teardrop Lights
If your cleanroom is classified as ISO 5, there is still a chance you can use surface mount cleanroom lighting options, as long as the fixture are teardrop-shaped.

This option is best for rooms with lots of open space and, because of its shape, it does not disturb the laminar flow of the air when mounted to a ceiling grid. Surface mount teardrop lighting can also be used in cleanrooms that are classified as ISO 4.

Recessed Cleanroom Lights
If your cleanroom is classified as ISO 8 to ISO 5, recessed troffers might be the best option for you. The reason is that the ceiling requires sufficient space to fit these types of lights, with ISO 8 and ISO 7 having the most space of these classifications. This means that if your cleanroom is used for processing pharmaceuticals, working with chemicals, putting together electronics or making semiconductors, recessed LED cleanroom lights are probably the best choice.

Once you have an idea of the fixture that's right for your cleanroom, you should look into LED cleanroom lights in particular. These are known for being lower maintenance and longer lasting than other types of cleanroom lights.

Plus, LED cleanroom lights are better for the environment than traditional lights, partly because they last longer and partly because they do not contain any toxic elements.

Now that you know the basics of cleanroom lighting - and you're aware of the benefits of LED cleanroom lights in particular - you can confidently look for the lights you need.