Contamination control requirements in each industry are different. Likewise, differential pressure control requirements are different. With regard to cleanrooms in manufacturing industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, etc, due to different types and characteristics of pollutants and product properties, the regulations of differential pressure in cleanrooms are different.

1. If a cleanroom is reported that the differential pressure is too high, it means that the resistance in the filters is too high and the filters are too dirty.

2. If the differential pressure inspection equipment in cleanroom alarms itself, it means that the differential pressure adjustment system software of the air handling unit has a problem, and it should be repaired by professional technicians.

3. When setting the standard value of differential pressure in cleanroom, it is necessary to fully consider the product properties. For example, in pharmaceutical cleanroom, make sure you comprehend the organic chemistry of drug, processing technology and clarify whether the drug is highly allergenic, or whether the drug may cause harmful substances during process.

4. In cleanroom, it is necessary to maintain the differential pressure at a certain level, so that the air into cleanroom and the air out of the cleanroom is balanced.

5. In a positive pressure room, the air pressure inside your cleanroom is greater than the pressure outside of it. This is achieved by pumping clean, filtered air into the cleanroom, generally through the ceiling.

A negative pressure room maintains the air pressure in the room lower than the pressure outside of the room. Generally, this condition is achieved by filtering air out of the room.

To sum up, first set the differential pressure value according to your fields. If the differential pressure is too high, check out the problem and have it repaired by professional technicians.

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